Dreaming of that amazing European travel experience, but worried about how expensive it could get? Then it is about time to get your bags packed for some surprisingly affordable travels to Eastern Europe. Here are some exciting but inexpensive countries you can visit. You would find out that you do not have to spend much to have a great European holiday. 

Brilliant Sights of Bulgaria

Bulgaria tops the list of travel-on-a-budget places to visit in Europe. It may surprise you that flights, accommodations, and even entertainment cost a lot less compared to what would cost you in Western Europe. Avoid the summer months so you can take advantage of low prices, especially for hotels. You can even have the perks of breakfast or shuttles for free! 

Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia, is a stunning city. Most city attractions here are truly affordable. Discover centuries-old Roman archeological sites in the city of Plovdiv. Popular cities worth visiting in Bulgaria are Veliko, Tarnovo, Burgas, and Varna. The countryside is also host to magnificent castles, laid-back villages, and great hiking trails. The Central Balkan Trail offers hiking trails and breathtaking views. Head up to the Rila Mountains and get a glimpse of the Seven Rila Lakes while staying at any of the budget-friendly mountain lodges. 

On an estimate, a budget trip to Bulgaria will cost you around $20-30 a day. Accommodations roughly cost around $11-15 per person. For meals, you can spend about $5-10 a day.

Rare Treasures of Romania 

Romania is a distinct European attraction, but also one of the cheapest countries for a vacation. Be awed by the beautiful structures in the capital, Bucharest. You can get to see sites like Revolution Square and the Arch of Triumph. You can hike to see the sights of Romania’s countryside in the Carpathian Mountains. If you want some sands and seas, you can relax by the Black Sea. 

One great experience you should not miss is visiting the Peleș Castle in Sinaia, and the famous Bran Castle, also known as Dracula’s Castle. Some other cities where you can roam that are all stunningly beautiful are Sibiu, Brașov, Timisoara. The lively city of Cluj is the place you can enjoy much of the great nightlife. You will know more about Romania’s mining industry by visiting the Turda Salt Mine. 

Eating out in Romania is cheap yet heartily satisfying. You can find food stalls offering local Romanian specialties like cabbage rolls called sarmale, cozonac, and a polenta dish served with sour cream and strong cheese called mamaliga.  

Some budget suggestions for your Romanian trip are about $40-$50 a day, while you can allot $15 a day for your food budget and $10-$15 per night for accommodation expenses. 

Pleasant Views of Poland 

Traveling to Poland on a budget is best during off-peak seasons, particularly March and April. Travel prices are still low this season; you can get the best deals. The cities offer many pleasant cultural sights and experiences. Take advantage of the free days wherein you can visit the Royal Castle and Chopin Museum in the capital city, Warsaw. Climb the Old Town Hall Tower of Kraków, another famous Polish city. Just outside this city is the Ojców National Park, showing beautiful architectural landscapes that highlight Poland’s rich culture and history.  

Aside from city attractions, you can stop over famous destinations like the Auschwitz-Birkenau Camps, the Schindler’s Factory, and the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Go on a trip to the Castle of the Teutonic Order, a 13th-century landmark in Malbork, or the Bialowieza Forest on the borders of Poland and Belarus. For more nature-tripping, a hike or camp to the Tatra Mountains or a trip to the old-fashioned, charming town of Gdansk will best suit you. 

Going by bus is the most efficient and affordable way to get around the different cities and towns in Poland. Suggested low-cost travel budget when you visit Poland is around $25-$35. You can spend around $5-$10 on meals a day and a range of $14-$18 for lodging. 

Marvelous Spots of Montenegro

Montenegro is a small country but has a lot in store for tourists. Plan your travel to Montenegro outside the summer months (June to August) to avoid the crowds and have a more affordable budget. Coastland attractions are highlights of Montenegro, especially the coastal towns of 

Budva, Ulcinj, and Herceg Novi. The Kotor Bay is a must-see location on the Adriatic coast. It is a quaint town with views of medieval structures perfectly matching the turquoise bay waters. Another splendid coastal spot is Ada Bojana, a small island destination that is even more affordable. 

Scenic inland spots like the dazzling mountain views of Crno Jezero. or the Durmitor National Park, where you can view the Tara River Canyon, the deepest gorge in Europe, are places you can include in your itinerary. Be enthralled by the historic Ostrog Monastery and discover culture at the Montenegrin National Theatre and other museums in the capital of Podgorica. 

Accommodations are relatively cheap here compared to nearby Mediterranean countries. You can spend low on food since local dining shops are plenty. Estimating the daily budget you can allot for your travel ranges from $30-$40 a day. $10-$15 is enough for a food budget daily. For accommodations, prices can be from $11-$15 per night. 

Undisputable Beauty of Ukraine 

Ukraine is one of the most underrated and cheap countries to go on a holiday trip. There are many unexplored but undeniably beautiful sights in the country. Winter, early spring, and fall are recommended seasons to arrange affordable travel to Ukraine. The capital city, Kyiv, is in itself a sight to behold with all the magnificent architecture representing the Soviet and European culture. A tour at the resort town of Odesa along the Black Sea coastlines is also perfect. 

The city view of Chernobyl and the ghost town, Prypiat, will surely give you a memorable experience. Trips here are cheaper in the winter season. You can explore the old town of Lviv, also known as the Little Paris of Ukraine, and an acclaimed UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy trekking along the Carpathian Mountains, popularly called the Green Pearl of Ukraine, and catch the vast beautiful meadows, forest areas, and mountain rivers.  You can spend an average daily travel budget of $45. Eating local foods in Ukraine will help you save a lot with your budget. You can find many restaurants serving traditional Ukrainian food that are worth checking. You can go about with a food budget of $15 and $10-$20 for budget accommodations.